My eagerness for computer vision depends on my desire as an artist to explore the ways individuals relate themselves with a recording medium while knowing that they are observed and I hope to awake the participants' imagination in the digital realm, transforming the physical world.

HOT'15 Exhibition 

Plymouth University

Floor Sensors is an electronic media based sound installation that deals with the production of an interactive audio environment. A series of force resisting sensors is attached on the floor and when an individual steps on each sensor he or she triggers an audio file stored in the memory of an Audio FX Mini and in turn the sound module outputs the files on the speaker. 

"Floor Sensors"

My current fascination with audio environments lies in my ability as an artist to pattern sound mixing an experimental approach to aural situations in controlled environments. By encouraging participants to select, combine and compose their own sound synthesis, I certainly hope to transmit my ideas of participants to engage intuitively with an electronic audio environment and to transpose the audience as performers. 

"You've been framed"

"You've been framed" is a digital media project centered on Kinect programming computer vision. 

The installation is composed by a Kinect camera that runs through an open source library, namely OpenNI, in Processing and a computer. 

The interactive control stimulates the presence of an object and an individual in front of the Kinect. Then, the program reads the data sent from the depth sensor, which is attached on the Kinect, it applies a textual texture on the present figures, and it outputs the results live on the computer screen.