This element is a collaborative work of my contribution to  video animation and sound design practice with  digital designer Meylin Bayryamali

 and Iain stewartProfessor of Geoscience in Plymouth University

graphic design

programming visual data

exploring the computer visualisations

Plymouth University, Department of Arts and Media Department of Science

10/10/2014- 20/12/2014

animator, graphic designer, sound designer


year 2

(BA) Media Arts

quoting: "Swetswise e-journal collection" 

Skin Picking Disorder

Grant, JE ; Odlaug, BL ; Chamberlain, SR ; Keuthen, NJ ; Lochner, C ; Stein, DJ

American Journal Of Psychiatry, 2012, Vol.169(11), pp.1143-1149 [Peer Reviewed Journal]

Stop motion animation production


Plymouth University, Depatrment of Arts and Media

animator, sound designer