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this projects' aims are first to change the viewer's visual field while he/she is interacting with a computer screen and to make the screen disappear while presenting a metaphoric transportation of the viewer inside the screen ,also using text.(b&w)



a continuous transition between individuals and technology

Abstract thoughts inspired by poetry and the history of technology/ new media. 

Deeply hearty, with this project I attempt to express the dictionary of human’s face photography. Photography is the still moment, where the viewer interacts with the camera; the camera sends simultaneously the sign to the window interface on the computer and then the screen projects images of  peoples’ faces created solely by text in black and white. The interactive control stimulates, the presence of the person in front of the screen and the programm, which reads the user’s data and applies the textual effected data visualisation. This comes to an explanation through the theory of computer vision and the practical examples from the course: interactive data visualisation, programming graphic design languages-processing. This visualisation becomes clearer with the following research example, which describes the same structure of interactive data visualisation estimated in 1968, participants:

(Sutherland Ivan , 1968)Claude Shannon, Ivan Sutherland. (creators of interactive computer graphics. )



“The fundamental idea behind the three-dimensional display is to present the user with a perspective image which changes as he moves. The computer tracked the position of the viewer’s head and adjusted the perspective of the computer graphic image accordingly. The display itself consisted of two-six-inch- long monitors mounted next to the temples. They projected an image that appeared superimposed over the viewer’s field of vision. The screen disappeared. It had completely taken over the visual field. "



the image is my work for a research and developmet poster report for my upcomming project,due to the

1st of March 2015.

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Previous work

sample using SimpleOpenNi library in Processing, alternatvivedepthimage3D,Kinect

a promo video featuring the project "You've been framed"


Sketches, mytumblr account, for more sketches chrysovalanti

random numbers

random numbers



box matrix

box matrix

kinetic typography

kinetic typography







year 2

(BA) Media Arts

quoting: "Swetswise e-journal collection" 

Skin Picking Disorder

Grant, JE ; Odlaug, BL ; Chamberlain, SR ; Keuthen, NJ ; Lochner, C ; Stein, DJ

American Journal Of Psychiatry, 2012, Vol.169(11), pp.1143-1149 [Peer Reviewed Journal]

Stop motion animation production


Plymouth University, Depatrment of Arts and Media

animator, sound designer


Collaborative projects



This element is a collaborative work of my contribution to  video animation and sound design practice with  digital designer Meylin Bayryamali

 and Iain stewartProfessor of Geoscience in Plymouth University

graphic design

programming visual data

exploring the computer visualisations





Plymouth University, Department of Arts and Media Department of Science

10/10/2014- 20/12/2014

animator, graphic designer, sound designer


A video made by second year Media Arts students highlighting the rich diversity of interests, ambitions and backgrounds within their year group

Plymouth University


Studio Lighting

Visual Effects


2nd year BA Media Arts

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